As you all may have noticed I love to wear leather on leather, so while I was in New York I went to my favorite store called Necessary Clothing and bought this amazing top! It was a must have - who doesn’t want a shirt that says “BALLIN’ Paris”, come on now? So, once I gave into my addiction I decided to put this little combo together. This outfit makes me feel like a badass - perhaps because I am mostly wearing all leather and my top reminds me that I am “BALLIN”. Hope you all enjoy this look! Don’t be afraid to wear a little leather ;) have an awesome week y’all! STAY THRIFTY. 

Photographer: @isabelelite

Necessary Clothing Top: $14.99

Leather Leggings: $7.50

Leather Vest: $2.75

Black Booties: $2.00 


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