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Veronica Canales My name is Veronica Canales, born and raised in Miami, Florida - aka Sunny South Florida. Now, I have always had this drive within me to create, to inspire, to entertain, to have a brand and to expand it as much as possible. I have always been surrounded by artistic people and I went to magnet schools all my life. I knew that I wanted to do what I am doing since I was little. If I wouldn’t be doing this, I would be depressed for sure,I would be lost.

I have always been drawn to fashion more than anything, it has allowed me to play dress up, switch “characters” on daily basis. I started my blog on January 1st, 2012 on blogspot - I had the worst quality pictures but my point is that I started it and I put myself out there. I had no idea what I was doing but it felt right so I kept going. My blog is based on thrifting and bargain shopping, I went to schools where my class mates were very well off (well, their families) and I was not at that level, I didn’t have the funds but I had style and local thrift stores surrounding me - which led me to wilding out after begging my mom for twenty dollars for these second hand me downs. So, in that case shoutout to goodwill, salvation army, and red, white, and blue. I have relentlessly continued to push my blog, promote it in every way possible, network, the list goes on.

I was able to locally brand myself to the point that I launched my own clothing line last year. I chose not to add a different name to the clothing line because I had already branded myself in a certain way and figured it would be easier to keep it all connected rather than starting all over. My clothing line was inspired from being born and raised in Miami, there are so many cultures, so many sayings that you grow up hearing, that I had to do it.

My clothing line is blunt, vulgar, inappropriate, bold, ballsy, super “Miami”, with a taste of a feministic approach to it. I am also representing women and the stigma, the double standards that we face every day for embracing our sexuality, our voice, and speaking our damn minds - for being ourselves, for justifying certain behaviors that are not right. I have been focusing on my brand overall - I was also able to launch my podcast under the name of “Fiercely Talkin’ SHIT” - an extension of the brand, it’s explicit, its raw, its real - so that’s your warning. I love to style, to blog, to create, to keep myself and others updated with what’s going on in the fashion world. I am extremely into street style - that is always my go to. Dressing up androgynous is where it is at nowadays, the vogue runway app has literally kept me up to date with fashion and has introduced me to so many incredible designers (so I recommend you download it if you’re into fashion like me).

This is just a little bit of what I do and I wouldn’t change it for anything else in the world!

Fiercely Talkin' Shit Radio